a mobile exhibition and training gallery for koło


A mobile exhibition gallery for the ceramics manufacturer. A simple bathroom becomes the center of relaxation and leisure in a luxurious spa. Built on one of the biggest trucks in Poland, traveling throughout Europe, attracting up to five thousand visitors a day.


Built from scratch in Poland, the vehicle was equipped with a sliding wall, the floor made of precious wood, partially glassed, filled with illuminated water, a panorama terrace on the roof, an automatic lift with a coffee bar. A precise construction calculated to withstand a one hundred thousand kilometer trek and a hundred thousand visitors per year. The project combines a strategic promotional campaign: exhibitions and lecture in Krakow, production of promotional film, Extreme Mobility 2030 lecture during Łódź Design Festival 2011, presentation in Bucharest (the vehicle is very popular abroad), exposure to the busiest pedestrian street during Gdynia Design Days 2012 (new attendance record).

Manufacturer: Autokontener Tadeusz Wrobel

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