kamerton lamp


Suspended modular LED lamp for the company Spectra Lighting Sp. z o.o.


Function and possibilities, form and balance. Kamerton lamp - slim, durable, timeless. A lamp inspired by a device used to tune instruments, giving tone and introducing harmony. Depending on the setting of the lamp, we obtain the desired effects and creating a unique character of the interior. Thanks to its modularity, it can function independently as well as in combinations, each time obtaining a different effect.
The function is designed so that both, a single element and many elements put in a system, give the rooms an extraordinary character and range of possibilities. The delicate shape is balanced with technology.
The lamp is available in black or white. You can give it a personal touch by choosing the color of the cable.

Leading designer: Dominika Drezner / KANIEWSKI DESIGN
Assisting designer: Artur Jóźwiak / KANIEWSKI DESIGN

Kaniewski Design lamp for Spectra Lighting_download photos

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