koło re-styling


A second, strong step towards refreshing and strengthening the brand Koło


Ongoing, consistent projects in many fields focusing on strengthening the Koło brand image through collaboration of the manufacturer with the designer. After two years and more than a hundred thousand on the road and over a hundred thousand visitors to the MSES vehicle exposition, the re-styling of a new interior, new graphics on the outside and on the roof a terrace porch created using through sail yacht technology. Premiere at the ISH in Frankfurt. Details: an exclusive catalog, sub-brand Koło Kafe, stencils of bathroom furniture. Education and consulting: debate between the designer and architect Robert Konieczny at Koło’s exhibition floor in Krakow. Social action – the use of the collaboration to introduce the municipal government of Gdynia to a potential manufacturer of bathroom ceramics in order to build public toilets on the beach within a renowned architectural competition.

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