lange ski boots


Ski boots, in which Hermann Maier won the World Cup Giant Slalom.


The project was preceded by a half-year study of ergonomics and materials. Inspired by the anatomy of the foot, an innovative, highly rigid and lightweight form of the Achilles tendon was created. For the first time in the world a flexible third seam above the toes was introduced to improve comfort without loss of stiffness and traction control. The competition version had an exterior layer so light and thin that the calculated stiffness was designed for the duration of a single, rapid run, changing its characteristics under the influence of body heat. The design was also the first in the history of all ski boot models to be tested in a wind tunnel.
The subsequently introduced mass production series increased the Rossignol / Lange brand’s sales by 40 percent, within the first year. The consecutive evolutions of the model have become the new standard for ski professionals, instructors and rescuers. The project was commissioned by Pininfarina.

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