logotype solbus


Project of a logotype and corporate identity for the brand of buses Solbus, manufactured by Lider Trading Sp. z o.o.


Solbus, like no other name of a bus brand, connects the city if its origin, Solec Kujawski, and function: bus. The new Solbus logo is a lightly and quickly drawn synthesis of a cube, associated with space, a cubic meter in motion, pixel of a city in a nutshell. The sign is now simpler and more readable. The expressive, clear form contains both ingredients of the name – letters S and B. Hexagonal graphics resembles a two piece lettering of cities with solid craftsmanship and technology: a key and a crest. At the same time the logo is modern with a 3D effect. The logo is complemented by the project of a new corporate identity.

Leading designer: Dominika Drezner/KANIEWSKI DESIGN

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