Logotype and name for the post-industrial complex located in the former Polmos factory in Łódź, Poland.


The idea for the name and logotype for Monopolis complex highlights the heritage of Łódź, its unique industry and lavish Art Nouveau buildings, the legendary glitz of the big city based on a solid business. The word 'polis' is a name for a kind of state in ancient Greece, Monopolis can be understood as 'a city within a city'. The first part of the name takes on a new meaning, once we know the history of the post-industrial complex – originally the headquarters of Polmos or a monopoly. The font has both a technical and artistic character, like Łódź that until recently was associated with intensive idustrialization, and today is the cradle of creative business. The project of Corporate Identity also included an electric rickshaw meant to be driven within the complex.

Leading designers: Janusz Kaniewski/KANIEWSKI DESIGN

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