gdynia fast forward 2040


A vision of selected parts of the city from a thirty year perspective. On behalf of the City of Gdynia, presented during the festival Gdynia Design Days 2013, exhibited in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park and the city center in the Infobox area, supplemented by lecture.


An educational project. A bold, aesthetic vision of the future created by today's designers, is going to be inhabited by today's children and it is these children as citizens who will fill the space with their preferential tastes. If today’s fashion is the return to the patterns and designs of the PRL, we similarly expect  to be surrounded in the future by the aesthetics of Barbie, GTA V, anime, hentai, today's television commercials. The project, created by some of today's trendsetters, was meant to show a credible vision of urban life – and the visualizing of these submission to children in kindergarten. And so the illustration of a minimalist, clean apartment with a view of the sea was filled with a fireplace and a TV. An important warning.

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