décor of fiat stores


Long-term collaboration with the Turin corporation in design and brand imaging. Replacing the brand image associated with the manufacture of cheap cars, with one responsible for the cult design of the Fiat Bravo, Fiat 500.


17 years of experience in collaborating with the client gives in-depth knowledge of their needs and unique know-how in various areas. 1995 - graphic work on Fiat commercials in Poland in the Warsaw studio of Leo Burnett. The next ten years are spent in Italy, designing 'car faces' and stylistic elements for such cars as (chronologically) : Fiat Bravo, Lancia Thesis, Lancia Delta, Alfa Romeo MiTo, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italia. In 1988 Janusz Kaniewski was one of the first Smart Car owners for winning a Maserati project competition. The beginning of the twenty-first century brings about the re-imaging of Fiat: the current red logo inspired by the large Italian Fiat badge of years past, creating the DNA of the Fiat 500, Fiat Café in Milan, the apparel collection, product placement in advertising of the clothing company Diesel and in the sci-fi film 'Mr. Nobody' (probably undocumented). Current collaboration focuses on graphics depicting the history of the brand, which is part of the design at Fiat Auto Poland headquarters of and 70 stores across the country.

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