A Chinese automotive company. A very typical order: small two-passenger car powered by 250 cc (scooter) engine – it can thusly be driven without a license by 16 years olds. Designed in Italy to be produced in China. The first prototype (designed by Giugiaro) never went into production as it was acknowledged to be... too ugly even for China.


An aluminum frame (at least one prototype was built in Turin) with a plastic sheathing. Detailing from existing Fiat, Peugeot and Nikon production: an interesting feature is the use of photographic lens housing parts to fix the halogens on the hood and - on the other – the dials. A typicaly hipster toy to drive to school, shopping and for self-promotion. After completion of the project the Chinese company disappeared. According to Kaniewski – 'they always do, I do not know whether the car went into production or not (on the web you can still find the pictures of the previous model)'.

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