Project of petrol station MOYA that corresponds with urban fabric.


Cooperating with the Anwim S.A. we’ve created a modern, urban station that will be surrounded by residential buildings (in the nearest future).
The Petrol station that corresponds with urban fabric.
Bustling, changing accordingly to needs of local society – it works like a cell in the organism. It lives together with citizens becoming a part of their everyday life.
Street grid, energy, separation of zones, traffic management, communication.
We refer to traffic and motorization. The communication understood as the information system which allows us to take care of the clients since their arrival to the pylon.
Locality and multifunction. The place which derives inspiration from character and uniqueness of both the area and the local society. The place which live up to demands of current lifestyle and expectations of residents.


Leading designer: Dominik Głąb, Mateusz Przystał/KANIEWSKI DESIGN
Supporting designers: Artur Jóźwiak, Michał Lisowski/KANIEWSKI DESIGN

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