orlen meeting point stop cafe


The most modern gas station in Poland built in Gdansk in 2011. Won the prestigious title of the Station of the Year, 2012.


The building design and supervision of construction. Innovative construction, all the furniture, lamps and  equipment designed from scratch and 100% Made in Poland. Interior inspired by an automotive design studio, functionality prepared with the future in mind, if and when the oil runs out, you can still come on foot and relax, conduct business, watch TV, change your baby's diaper. A rest area for a harried traveler, not necessarily a motorized one. The architectural design further developed into an image promotion project  - logo and CI of the future network locations of Meeting Point.

Project: Janusz Kaniewski, Rafał Pawłowski
Construction project architects: J. Żmijewski and A. Mateńko
Project Coordination: Oliwia Gajda

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