the stenographic museum of resistance and human rights, turin


Illustrations and graphics, which in an easy-going manner introduce visitors (especially those young ones) to the role the Piedmont resistance movement played during World War II.


Since Italy belonged to the so-called Axis of Power (Germany - Italy - Japan), few people know of the story of the Italian partisans and the Italian grassroots resistance against the official government, which collaborated with the German power. However the command of the resistance movement discredited itself through its intimate, anti-republican and anti-state proximity to the Stalinist Soviet Union - all of which instead of supporting, further complicated the Allies’ anti-Nazi front in Italy. And so politics overshadowed the heroism of ordinary people fighting for their country’s freedom, the suffering of the civilian population, the German crimes committed in a country with such a different mentality and finally the drama of thousands of young southerners pointlessly recruited to die in freezing Stalingrad. Positioned among the raw brick walls of the Savoyard archival building of the Juvarry Museum, the design directly refers to the then newly completed Warsaw Uprising Museum - at the opening Mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino and respected President of the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro referred to the Warsaw design. Affordable graphics and spatial maps interspersed with images of everyday life facilitated the narrative.

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