the snos element of the turin 2006 olympic village


Revitalization of the former locomotive factory in Turin for the purposes of the Winter Olympics in 2006 and future use as a residential/commercial area.


A very innovative and personal project for the Pininfarina Extra studio. The traditional name of the locomotive factory - Societa ' Nazionale Officine Savigliano was pursued and successfully implemented as the acronym SNOS, which was then used in the logo, CI. Revitalization of the area while maintaining key equipment: huge copper spheres for testing lightning generated during electrical discharges at high voltages, tracks sunk in the floor of the industrial architecture; passageways referencing cable pathways, low pavilions situated on the roof imitating capacitors on an electronic chip. Currently, the complex includes a shopping center, office space, the 'capacitors' house workshops for startup companies – incubators of innovation; on the top floor of one of the three residential towers is super model Eva Herzigova’s apartment. The name and logo have become engraved in the Turin landscape. The logo was influenced by the 'electronic association', derived from Janusz Kaniewski’s reading of the book
'Microsoft’s Subjects' by Coupland.

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